Summer Accessories you can carry over into Fall

Monday, August 26, 2013

When it comes to accessories, you don’t have to forget about them during the change of the seasons.  The below accessories can easily be transitioned over for Fall!

A Wristlet

You may use a Floto Milano Leather Wristlet from Silvia’s Handbags in Summer for less bulk, but it’s still great to keep one in your large handbag during the Fall.  This way, if you need a less bulky way to carry your accessories if you are going out in the evening and wearing a light jacket, you can simply pull your wristlet out of your purse, transfer some items over and be on your way!   Silvia purse

Work Out Pants

Essential Workout Leggings like these from Feel Fit Wear, may be lightweight for summer but they are great for Fall when the air gets crisp and you take your workout outside.  If you invest in a quality pair, it will be well worth it and you won’t need to keep getting new pairs for each season!

Calf Length Shapewear

You can wear cropped pants in the fall, which means you can easily hide the Ultimate Full Body Lift from Wink Shapewear since it’s calf length.   This is great for a work outfit or if you are wearing it anywhere and need easy access to go to the bathroom, have no fears because they have made room for that as well.   No wonder they call it Wink ;-) Shapewear!

Trendy Scarves and Wraps

As long as you have a Pashmina Wrap from The Trendy Boutique, you can always use it in different seasons.   It may look fashionable and stylish in the Summer, but it’s a great way to keep your shoulders and neck warmer in the Fall, all while looking fab!

Flats that you wore in summer

As long as you are using SummerSox to keep your shoes smelling fresh and not growing bacteria, you can continue to use the heck out of your flats, and no need to wear socks yet.  Socks can feel bulky even in Fall, so invest in a reusable, washable pair of SummerSox for your shoes!

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