Must Haves for Every Woman!

Monday, October 21, 2013

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Whether you are enjoying a cozy night at home or on the go, these must-haves will make life much easier!

Proper Cosmetics Storage

I always keep my cosmetics in a bag, and it comes in handy when travelling because I can simply toss it in with my luggage. It ensures that nothing will leak or explode and ruin my trip, because if it doesn, it won't get all over everything else I packed. The Trendy Boutique has some Terry Cosmetic Bags that come in so many colors and you can have them monogrammed with your initials!

A Cozy Blanket

Campus Quilt is a great way to recycle your clothing you don't wear anymore, or anything sentimental, by making it into a cozy quilt. This is great as a decorative throw, or just as a blanket to snuggle up with on a regular basis!

A comfy Cardigan

It's important to always have a cozy knit top or cardigan for in the Fall/Winter months so you can easily warm yourself up without having to be miserable all night with what you're already wearing. Wink Shapewear has the Wink Carol Knit Top which is so chic and versatile, yet still practical!

Shoe Liners

Shoe liners, like SummerSox are perfect for keeping flats, sandals, and even boots free from stink and sweat because they absorb moisture and odors, and can be washed and reused after several uses. These are fashion fix and a must have for everyone, do I even have to explain any further?!

Versatile Activewear

If you work out and then are like me and get errands and other tasks done, you don't need to be changing all the time. If you get a versatile activewear piece like the Monique Jacket from Feel Fit Wear, you can throw it on during your job and then keep it on as you run errands before going in the shower at the end of the evening. Plus, you can't be running errands in just a sports bra!

A Handbag you can fit your life in!

The Floto Monticello Handbag from Silvia's Handbags is one of those big oversized purses that will carry everything you need to survive on a deserted island!

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