Get the Most out of your Dollar & your Wardrobe

Monday, October 14, 2013

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Get the most of your wardrobe and your dollar

When it comes to saving money AND having a great wardrobe, it can be tough to even out the two, but with these tips, you can save money, and be able to admire your wardrobe with no regrets.

Make shoes last longer with Shoe Liners

SummerSox are a great way to keep your shoes and boots from getting smelly and getting worn and ruined on the inside. They absorb moisture and odor so that your shoes don’t have to. You can several years of wear out of just one pair of shoes if you use SummerSox!

Use Shapewear to fit into all of your clothes

Whether it’s because you lost weight, gained weight, or your shirt or pants aren’t flattering…shapewear can save the day (and season!) Wink Shapewear has a great selection of tops and bottoms that will flatter your shape, as well as a selection of tummy tucking shirts, and thigh slimming bottoms!

Have those shirts that you can’t fit into but you won’t let go of?

Now there’s a great solution for that…Campus Quilt allows you to get your sentimental tshirts and tops made into a nice quilt that you can display, or even use as a blanket on your bed. It’s a great way to keep the memories forever!

Invest in scarves and pashminas to spice up any old Outfit!

The Trendy Boutique has some amazing scarves and pashminas that you can use to add a splash of style to any old boring outfit. These are considered investments to me!

Invest in a reliable handbag

A good handbag can last you years and if you get one versatile enough to go with different seasons, you will be even more satisfied with your purchase. Silvia's Shop has a great selection of Floto bags like the Floto Casiana Mini Bag that can go with lots of colors and outfits and last through many seasons!

Durable Workout Gear saves your money

If you don't want to cheat yourself on good exercise, then don't cheat yourself on good workout apparel. Feel Fit Wear offers a quality line of stylish work out apparel like yoga pants and tops that will let you look forward to exercise! Yes, I said it!

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