Neoteric Batiste Dry Shampoo Deep & Dark Review

Friday, October 4, 2013

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I am so glad I no longer wash my hair every day, because it was way too dry and unruly when I did. So to hold me over in between washes, I turn to Batiste Deep & Dark Dry Shampoo from Neoteric Cosmetics. This product adds volume and texture to limp greasy locks and can give you an extra day or 2 before you need to wash again. It quickly banishes oily roots and it has a dark hue so it actually adds to the brunette color of my hair.

I was so pleased when I received the can of this dry shampoo spray. It only took a few spritzes and then it was easy to rub in and brush through. It made my hair look so vibrantly brown and not dull at all! I have been waiting for a darker tinted dry shampoo forever and I am so glad I finally found one. Seriously, if you are a brunette you NEED this product!
Batiste Dry Shampoo is fast, convenient and it will work on all hair types so it's okay if your hair isn't the same as mine. You can work it through with your fingers or with a brush. I just love how it takes only a couple of sprays and it's already working! Make sure you follow Alpha Hydrox on Facebook and on Twitter!

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  1. I have got to try this! I can't live without dry shampoo and have tried batiste, but I didn't know they had tinted ones!


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