How to Move on After a Fight

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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Everybody fights.... there are even two major kinds of relationship fights but either way... everyone has to move on afterwards.
Instead of thinking one of you has to be the bigger person and get over it, get out of that mindset and instead focus on these things:
1. Take a breather and do something different.
Go to your bedroom and fold laundry, turn on the TV, start reading a book, go on a walk...anything to move forward from the little argument. Or..the big argument, whichever!
2. Laugh
What's done is done, you guys discussed it and now... make a funny joke, bring up a funny moment, WHATEVER! Even if you have to go into the bedroom and come out with underwear on your head... LAUGH! It releases a happy chemical to the brain and it helps you move forward cheerfully.
3. Apologize and say something complimentary.
It's a guranteed way to make someone feel better. Even if it's just an "I'm sorry we had this argument, I am so glad I have you in my life you are such a great person to me." That's what can help smooth things over even faster than just walking away and being silent for the rest of the night!

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  1. After a big ol' fight my partner and I had a few years back, we were cooling down and I took it upon myself to make a cheerleader getup out of trash bags. I went and did a little dance and cheer for him. That eased the tension! It's weird and it worked.


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