Essentials for Every Woman

Monday, October 7, 2013

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1.      A good sports bra
It is ESSENTIAL to have proper support during a work out or else you will be absolutely miserable.   Feel Fit Wear has a lovely selection of sports bras that offer the proper support and also moisture protection so that sweat is wicked away from your skin.   Take care of the girls!!

2.     A Durable Handbag

Silvia’s Handbags has a great selection of Floto Leather bags, including the Floto Piana Mini Leather bag.   A convenient size, with a rugged design so that it can hold all your everyday necessities and you can live without the fear of it tearing or snapping.  A reliable bag is a must have.

3.     Meaningful Jewelry

Everyone should own at least ONE meaningful piece of jewelry and The Trendy Boutique is a good place to start.  Their Faith Jewelry includes earrings, bracelets, and necklaces and everything is affordably priced.   A cross necklace is often worn by one to signify their beliefs, or just as a symbol of strength.

4.     Shoe Liners

Even in the Fall and Winter, SummerSox are essential to guarantee that you won’t deal with embarrassing sweaty, stinky, feet!

5.     Sexy Shapewear

A staple in your wardrobe HAS to be shapewear… you never know when you might need it for a hot date or a formal event  This can mean the difference between wearing an expensive outfit or letting it go to waste because it doesn’t flatter your body the right way.  Wink Shapewear always has such a great selection of shapewear for all body types!

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