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Sunday, October 6, 2013

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If there's one complaint I have about being a woman, it's having to shave. Especially when it comes to my underarms, shaving really can irritate and hurt my skin. Actually, 32 million women in the US suffer from underarm red and dark marks that are caused by shaving. Shaving causes the skin under your arms to lose 50% more moisture, which can lead to dryness and irritation. So I am always looking for a product that will effectively nourish my underarms but also protect against sweat and odor. Dove Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant is what I found to work best. It reduces red and dark marks in just 2 weeks and replenishes your skin with moisture!

Dove Clear Tone gives you 48 hour odor and wetness protection in several different fragrances... their newest being Pink Rosa which is floral and fruity. You can find it at drugstores nationwide!

I have used Dove deodorant before and I have always loved it, there was never any irritation left behind and I have also enjoyed the fragrance and thought it lasted longer than any other brand. I have certainly noticed red spots under my arms from shaving so when I started to use Dove Clear Tone I was relieved to notice that the redness faded away in a few days and after a week, I didn't have to worry about anymore skin irritation as long as I kept using Dove. I never even thought to moisturize my underarms before and why would I? Wouldn't lotion just clog up the pores and make me sweat more? It's such a great idea for Dove to have a deodorant AND a moisturizer all in one. Even the most sensitive of skins could benefit from Dove since it will restore the moisture. Be sure to check out the Dove Facebook Page and follow Dove on Twitter!

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  1. I have the clear tone pink rose. it smells so good. I recently also bought a the go sleeveless in soothing chamomile. that one even smells better. but i love these dove brand deodorants.


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