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Friday, August 15, 2014

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I absolutely love wine.  On weekends I often travel to wineries and vineyards to sip some wine with friends.  The only downside to that is the side effects...and no I don't mean a hangover... I mean stained teeth.  Borracha has developed two products to help with that. 

It all started when the founder Kimberly Walker vowed to create something to get rid of her red stained teeth.  After consulting with dentists and wine drinkers she developed a product to gently and instantly remove wine stains from the teeth and mouth. 

Wine Wipes are an orange blossom flavored wipe infused with a blend of stain removing and tooth protecting ingredients. 

There's baking soda to remove surface stains and neutralize acids that can corrode enamel.  This also helps your teeth appear whiter.  Glycerin protects teeth from further stains.  Orange blossom for a great palate cleanser.   Salt is a natural cleanser and antiseptic so it helps remove the stains.  Hydrogen Peroxide helps kill germs and bacteria.  And of course there is calcium to help strengthen your tooth enamel. 

You can get Wine Wipes in a handy 15-wipe mirrored compact or in a box of 12 individually wrapped wipes.   I love these darn things. They are so easy to toss into my handbag and it's so quick to use.

As for Pearly Wipes, they are great for freshening your mouth after enjoying tea, coffee, wine, or even a margarita!! No more sticky lips, teeth, and tongue with these handy things!

They are infused with a blend of stain removing, tooth protecting ingredients like Baking Soda for removing stains and Glycerin to protect again new stains.   Also they contain Peppermint Oil to give you minty-fresh breath and keep your teeth and gums germ-free.  And of course there is Salt, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Calcium.    These also come in a compact or in a box of individually wrapped wipes.  I loved these after a few drinks.  I felt like my mouth was so much more fresh and clean!

One winner will get a set of Wine Wipes and Pearly Whites!
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