It's A Pouch, It's A Book// It's a Pouch Book + A Giveaway!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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I have a new home decor site that I am in love with!  Molla Space is full of trendy and stylish home decor and storage solutions that have a twist of art.  You'll never get just a regular wall clock but rather a fun piece of modern art that also doubles as a wall clock! Some of their products include lighting, home accessories, office accessories, personal accessories, electric home appliances, decorative art, and furniture.  I love finding things that are fashionable AND functional.

At first glance, that looks like a book doesn't it?   It looks really cool on my bookshelf that's for sure.  But it's actually....

A pouch!!!

And it's super fun because I can keep my Filofax supplies in it and rather than have my supplies junking up a corner of my desk, it can all fit neatly in the Pouch Book and then sit stylishly on my shelf.

And guess what!  Molla Space is graciously giving away a Pouch Book in the color of your choice to one of my readers!!!
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  1. I love the Bling Bangle Pouch! Its cute and keeps stuff safe!

  2. I love the bubble text coaster pads, I haven't seen anything like them before and they could be used in any room in my house, plus they look amazing!

  3. I love the Pouchbook!! I have "stuff" tucked everywhere and I think it'd be a great addition to my bookshelf (:

  4. I love the A Love Grenade Coin Bank

  5. i love the envelope bag and the bling bangle pouch.


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