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Saturday, August 30, 2014

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One thing I can't stand is dry flaky skin.  Even when I use brushes and scrubs, I still have the same issue.   But now I use Exfolimate which is a whole new way of removing dead skin!

Exfolimate was inspired by the ancient technique of clearing the skin of impurities and build up by removing dead skin with a tool.  It's crafted to lift and remove dead skin cells and debris that harbour in the surface layers of our skin.   So an easy to handle tool was invented to glide across skin at a 90-degree angle to remove up to 98% of dead skin, dirt, and oils that clog the pores and causes blemishes.

A lot of traditional methods of exfoliating just coat the skin and then push debris all around but Exfolimate lifts and removes the debri and uses micro-groove technology to make sure no lingering oils or skin flakes are left behind.  It's like uncovering a whole new layer of skin that is softer and more youthful.  

With each set of Exfolimate tools you get a face and body combination.  The smaller tool is what I use for my face and neck and the larger one is great for the chest, legs, and arms.  It's also perfect for spray-tan prep or removal! Honestly, I'm so impressed with how will this works and it leaves my skin so beautiful and smooth!!!  Every girl needs this!

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