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Friday, August 29, 2014

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I am super stoked to share my new favorite line of products with you!!   IdealShape is a brand that seeks to provide the simplest and easiest weight loss program so that you can keep up with your goals in the most realistic way possible.  They help you achieve your ideal shape by empowering you to control your hunger with some delicious and budget-friendly products.

Their shakes and bars allow you to replace any meal with a low caloie alternative that will curb hunger.  They also contain essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs to work efficiently.   In order to use them you have to start slowly by replacing just one meal a day, and then you can work up to 2 meals a day.  It's still important to make sure you always have at least 1 meal each day that isn't replaced. 

When I started using their IdealShake Meal Replacement Shake I thought it was delicious.  It's a great way to reduce calorie consumption of a meal that would normally be 600-900 with a simple 120 calorie shake.  Of course I get my vitamins and minerals but I also get the power of Slendesta, a patented hunger blocker and an all-natural potato protein that blocks hunger and helps control cravings during the day.   It really does work.  The shake is very filling and delicious and I seriously didn't feel like I was starving all day, seeking out junk food!

Then, it was on to the IdealBar, a meal replacement bar with a delicious Strawberry Yogurt flavor.  It's perfect for on the go and it's designed to block hunger as well.  It contains 10 grams of protein, 23 vitamins and minerals, and 5 grams of fiber.  Seriously, this is the most delicious 140 calorie meal I've had in a long time!   I love that it has a dessert taste to it so I can still get my fix!
And finally, there's IdealBoost Raspberry Citrus Weight Loss Drink which is fantastically delicious.  It contains Slendesta and Fibersol for three hours of appetite control, B Vitamins for health, and green tea, caffeine, and raspberry ketone for increased fat burn and energy.  This was a great way to stay away from sodas and energy drinks.    

And if you use the code ASKAWAY20 you can get 20% off your order!

So on to the giveaway! 

One lucky US ONLY Winner will receive:
1 Tub of IdealShake Mix (choc or van)
1 Box of IdealBars (Choc. Peanut Butter or Cinnamon Caramel Crunch, Strawberry Yogurt)
1 Shaker Bottle
$70.00 retail value


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  1. I like that Ideal Shape helps you in reaching your weight loss goals, by making you feel satisfied with the taste of their products, helping you overcome hunger and cravings, while giving you needed protein to help build lean muscle.

  2. My favorite benefit of the meal replacement shakes is that it controls hunger and cravings for up to 3 hours with a proprietary, all-natural hunger blocker blend.

  3. I like that it could help me lose weight and control cravings!

  4. I like that it helps to control cravings!

  5. My favorite benefit would definitely be that it would help to control my cravings.

  6. Protein, protein and protein which helps you lose weight.

  7. i like the fact that you can replace your meals with the shakes.

  8. I like that it curbs your appetite while still getting all the nutrients your body needs is the key in helping you lose weight and achieve your ideal shape


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