4 Popular Pet Peeves for Women in Relationships (From Actual Women!)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

That's right... I already asked guys about relationship pet peeves so now it's time to ask women! 

What things does a guy do that just drives you nuts when it comes to your relationship? 


Our lives are already complicated enough with having to primp, preen, pay our own bills, manage our own finances, clean up after ourselves, and manage a daily/weekly routine.  Throw all of  YOUR things into the mix and it gets obnoxious to have to play Mommy to a grown man.  

Some of the things listed by the women I asked were:
Not putting your clothes in the hamper (throwing them everywhere)
Not being able to pay your bills on time because you dont track when they are due
Cooking for you because you won't eat unless someone prepares it for you
Having to remmeber to schedule doctors appointments
**And the worst is when we ask several times and you still never do it yourself.
It's also important to know that relationships can go really wrong when one person feels like the parent and the other is like a child.  It builds resentment and it can eventually lead to a break up!
How you can Stop doing this:
 Remember the life you had when no one else was in it?   And yes, I sure hope you weren't living in a pig sty but if you were, then you need to man up.   Be responsible.  Manage your own bills, and make sure you make your own doctor's appointments.  Live as if, no one else can take care of you except yourself!

 Okay, we know it's kind of a normal thing but if we see you looking at it all the time then it's happening way too often.  No girl likes imagining her guy watching other people do the deed, especially if she's in the other room.  

How you can stop doing this:
So why don't you go grab her and spend some "time" with her.  And ladies, don't withhold sex in a relationship because of resentments or other issues (if these are resolved LINK TO OLD POST ) than it isn't a problem anyways. 

Nothing makes us feel more upset with how good of a person we've remained all these years than being punished for what someone else did to you.   Just because someone cheated or lied, doesn't mean we will.    Also, just because someone else always wanted money or fancy things, doesn't mean we deserve to never get spoiled or pampered.   

How you can stop doing this: 
 If you have a girl that doesn't care about money and gifts.... buy her something nice on birthdays and Christmas.   She honestly deserves it.   Don't be afraid that she'll "turn into a gold digger" because remember... if you reward her for her long life of being a great person, she'll see it pays off and continue to be happy with being a non-materialistic person.   

Because, we need the touch and cuddling to boost our endorphins and to help us relax.  Ever see how girls are so cuddly with each other when they are besties?  or how we always love cuddling with our pets?   It makes us feel wanted (just like us wanting you sexually makes you feel wanted) , it helps us relax, and it keeps the spark.  TRUST ME!  This was on A LOT of people's pet peeve list!!!!!

How you can stop doing this:
Stop using the excuses that you aren't that type of person.   No one is born that type of person, but we become more compassionate and affectionate by practicing it like anything else in life.   You weren't born to hold babies but does that mean you shouldn't ever hold your own child when they are distraught? NO!    It's not hard to do.   Hold us if we are upset, rub our back if we are watching tv next to you, snuggle us for a few minutes (that's all we need, stop thinking we need 5 hours solid of it!), and give us random hugs and kisses anywhere, anytime!!!   

Come back next week and see some of the favorite things that guys and girls listed when I asked them what they love about the opposite sex. 

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