My Fall Cleaning Routine

Monday, September 16, 2013

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When the seasons change, I always begin a cleaning routine to purge and update my closets, car, and other areas of my home.  Here are some tips so you can get on the same routine as me!

Clean and freshen your shoes

This is a great time to clean your summer shoes before you store them away, and to clean and de-stink your fall shoes before you start wearing them.  Think ahead and invest in SummerSox which will protect your Fall flats from stinky feet smell!

Clean out your car

Use carpet cleaner for any stains on your seats, dust off your dash, and make sure you vacuum your floor mats really well!  Now is also a perfect time to invest in some protector floor mats from Auto-Wear!   It will protect your carpet from salt, snow, and dirt in the winter, and it’s easier to clean in the Fall when all those leaves get tracked in!

Switch handbags

Since you may need to carry around more necessities for the cooler weather (and cold season!) invest in a larger sized handbag, like the Floto Monticello Handbag from Silvia’s Handbags. It’s a bag that’s big enough for what you need but also comes in many Fall-friendly colors!  Also, take this time to purge everything in your handbag so you only carry what you need.

Clean Your Cell Phone!

It sounds silly but if you don’t do it on the regular, now is the perfect time to!  Clean your phone with a disinfectant wipe and then purchase a case for it so you can keep it protected for the next few months.  The Trendy Boutique has an adorable line of monogrammed cell phone cases!

Purge and update your fitness wardrobe

Overtime, workout clothing can get stretched and worn, so make sure you take a good look at all of your apparel and even try it on to make sure there are no holes.   Make sure you add a few new pieces, such as a Fab Athletic Jacket from Feet Fit Wear, perfect for fall temperatures!

Invest in Shapewear

Bust out the skinny jeans but prevent yourself from bursting out of them by getting a Thigh Length Slimming Booty Shaper from Wink Shapewear!

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  1. Great post dear! Love the tips and I need to learn to keep my Summer shoes looking nice while not used in the Winter. Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower now, and would love for you to stop by and maybe follow too if you like!

    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  2. Hey there, loved your blog, just followed you on GFC, (3277) would you mind to follow back?

    Come visit me <3


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