Auto-Wear Floor Mats Review

Monday, September 9, 2013

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Auto-Wear is a family based company from West Chester, PA.  They make it easy and quick to shop online for quality automotive products designed to your specifications and at the lowest price they can give you!  One of the items they feature is a line of custom fit floor mats by Lloyd Mats.  Lloyd Mats  has been around since 1978 offering a line of custom fit car, truck, and SUV floor mats.   They design them for all makes and models of vehicles and come in several different styles including soft carpet floor mats, and protective rubber type mats.  They even make trunk and cargo mats!    So whether you have a Ford, Honda, Lincoln, or a Porsche, you can find the protection you need for the floors of your vehicle!

I received a set of mats for the front of my Honda Civic. They are so soft and plushy and they fit perfect!!! They are so so comfortable on my feet and they are very easy to clean and vaccuum. They come in so many colors but I am so happy with the dark gray. These are so luxurious looking and really have spiced up the interior of my car. It no longer looks like a 7 year old car!!! Please check out Auto-Wear and welcome them as Ask Away's newest sponsor! I'll be including them in blog posts each week!

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