The Spice Lab Review

Friday, September 20, 2013

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If you like adding some flavor to your foods, then you are going to love what The Spice Lab has to offer!  Their line offers over 180 different sea salts from 30 countries.  You’ll get jarred salts and spices, gourmet Sea Salt collections, peppercorns, and spice mixes.  You can also check out salt grinders, plates, stones, lamps, and shot glasses.   The company came to be when Brett Cramer, an entrepreneur wanted to give the gift of his gourmet sea salt fascination to his family.  He used his woodworking skills to create a wooden base to hold test tubes which he filled with exotic sea salts from all over the world.  The success of his gift idea is what ultimately started The Spice Lab.  Home cooks as well as chefs now enjoy adding his gourmet salts and spices to their culinary masterpieces!

I received a Gourmet Salt Collection Sampler from The Spice Lab.   I was so pleased with how nice it looked above the stove and how fun it was adding a dash of these to the different things I cooked.   I especially loved adding some salt to my scrambled eggs in the morning!    The different ones are very flavorful but not overpowering.   It’s like just a dash makes SUCH a difference!!!!

And you can get free shipping with orders over $25!   This is a GREAT gift idea for the holidays for practically anybody!!!! 

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