Simply Clean Antibacterial Accessories Review

Saturday, September 14, 2013

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If you are one of those people that always has the most adorable accessories no matter what it is then Simply Clean is just up your alley!   Hand sanitizer already comes in many forms so that it’s lightweight and easy to tote around in your bag or on a keychain, but Simply Clean has taken that one step farther.   Simply Clean is a brand of fashionable and fun antibacterial items.  Their newest theme creation will be available at Walgreens this month.  They come in the cutest animal shapes such as ducks, owls, lady bugs, frogs, and panda bears! They are just $2 and they are so easy to carry around simply by attaching to your keychain or the key hook inside your handbag.

I received these 2 cuties and I absolutely love them!  They have flip caps to make it easy to snap open and shut and I love the cute, yet strong lanyard.  Not only are the colors fun and bright but I love the sanitizer inside. It doesn’t burn or dry out my skin and it leaves a nice clean fragrance and feeling!!

Keep an eye out for these things! They will make great stocking stuffers for Christmas, a great cheap gift idea for coworkers.  Plus, who can complain when someone gives a gift meant to prevent germs and illness from spreading!

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