What's Hot in September

Monday, September 9, 2013

Here’s what’s hot for September…

Infinity Jewelry

Infinity Jewelry is so in this year and The Trendy Boutique has a gorgeous Infinity Bracelet that can be worn on your wrist all season.   Even if you are wearing ¾ length sleeves, you can show this beauty off!

A trendy bag

Fall is the perfect time for briefcase style bags and Silvia’s Handbags has a gorgeous Floto Roma Canvas Messenger Bag!  It’s perfect for your daily work documents and you can even wear it around town if you like to bring your laptop with you to do some extra work on the weekends!

Chiffon Dresses

Chiffon is perfect for this time of year because it gives you coverage but allows your skin to breath.  Wink Shapewear has a gorgeous Chiffon Print Dress that can suit all body types.

In Between Style Footwear

A big trend in the fall is peep toe shoes.   They are all set up for fall weather except that they let your toes peek out so it’s a perfect in between style of shoe when it’s not quite fall, but not completely summer.   But most important is for you to line these (since you don’t wear socks with them) with a pair of SummerSox shoe liners so it can absorb the stink and sweat from your feet! 

Bright Workout Gear

Work out in style with Red Leggings from FeelFitWear!  Long enough to keep you warm but still let you breath and feel comfortable.  These give a nice hot burst of color to your usual drab attire!  It will give you the extra boost of confidence you need to kick butt, literally!

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