Minimalism with Furniture

Monday, September 2, 2013

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I used to think it was normal to have a room (and a house) lined wall to wall with furniture.  And there isn’t anything wrong with it so to speak, but I never quite felt as relaxed as I do in a home where there is more spacious rooms because you can actually see where the wall meets the floor in most of the rooms.

And once I had to move several times I realized how annoying furniture was, especially when I wasn’t using it.

Last month I wrote about how I got rid of my DVD rack,which was totally pointless because I didn’t watch any of the DVDs in it and it just took up space on the wall. 

So what is my definition of being more of a minimalist with furniture? Well…

Don’t have more than what you need for storage
Sometimes I end up getting things just to put in a storage drawer, shelf, etc…. and honestly, I don’t need all the storage shelves I used to have.   So once I decluttered them, I was able to combine all my stuff into less furniture, which meant I had furniture left over.  So what did I do?   I sold it on Craigslist! Super easy, the person picks it up, you get cash, and you don’t have to drive anywhere!

Instead of buying a stylish decorative piece of furniture, refurbish an old piece.
I always wanted a colorful nightstand…. But instead of buying a new one, and pitching the regular brown wooden one I have, or even just tossing it aside so it takes up space in another room…I plan to sand it, repaint it a bright color, and then reuse it.   It will save money for sure and it will be extra special since I made it!

Don’t line a wall with furniture
It’s amazing how different it feels when you walk into a room with more open space. You can breathe better, see better, and you feel more relaxed. You see less clutter when you look around.  So you have a tiny side table that has some picture frames on it?  Well, put the frames somewhere else, and get rid of the table if you don’t use it.   

My key to deciding if I should keep something or get rid of it is:
If so, great, if not, then it’s time to think of how I should get rid of it!

Look around the room you’re in… do you see at least one piece of furniture you don’t need?

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