Mary Kay Cosmetics & a Handmade Soap *Giveaway* Ends 9/11

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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For years MaryKay has been offering a line of quality cosmetics and other beauty products to women that enjoy taking pride in their beauty routine.  Jaclyn, a sweet friend of mine from high school is embracing that as well and is now a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.   Her Facebook page is here and the Mary Kay FB Group is here.  She always has such gorgeous makeup in her modeling photos so it’s no wonder she has chosen such a quality cosmetic company to work for.   

My thing when it comes to makeup is eye shadow.  I can’t stand if it comes off to easily, but I also can’t stand if the colors don’t look right on me, but I was extremely pleased when Jaclyn let me sample the new Mary Kay @Play Baked Eye Trios.   I received On The Horizon (purpley one) and Earthbound green one COLOR AND COLOR and I can not believe how great and vibrant the Earthbound color was when I apply them! 

I love shading, so the fact that you get three vibrant shades to coordinate together is perfect!  If I want to do contrasting colors or shading, this is perfect.    It’s so much more convenient to have it all together then to go out and get multiple eye shadows in all different colors from the stores.  

These left a great luminous glow on my eyes and they were very lightweight. They helped my eyes pop and they were super easy to apply.   It’s crease resistant too and that was a big dealbreaker for me because I always get creases after a few hours when I wear eyeshadow but not anymore! 

I love that you can change the intensity of your eyeshadow colors and if you just want to wear one of the shades, it still looks fine!

Please please check out Jaclyn’s Mary Kay website and consider building your beauty stock up through her!

Also, Jaclyn is a woman of many talents and she makes handmade soap.  

That’s right.. Start Fresh Soap Co. offers a line of handmade soaps and bath and body products that are natural, luxurious, and all handmade!   She chooses vegetable and plant oils for her soaps based on their specific benefits to the skin. 

Shea Butter moisturizes skin and prevents and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  Olive Oil is loaded with Vitamin E so you look younger and your skin won’t get irritated. 

Organic Sunflower Oil is rich in Vitamin A to help your skin look more youthful.  Organic Palm Oil cleanses and heals skin so it can prevent signs of aging and damage from free radicals.

Coconut Oil moisturizes and contains an anti-bacterial!

All her soaps are ONLY made from scratch.  They are GMO free and but they have a natural fragrance oil in them so that you will enjoy the luxury and your skin won’t suffer any irritation.   There are no parabens or sulfates and no unnatural preservatives. 

Jaclyn offers soaps, beeswax balms, dead sea bath salts, and lotions. 

Her soap scents are:
Fresh Citrus, Roses & Jasmine w/ Vanilla, Tea Tree & Peppermint, Lime & ginger, Fir Tree

Lime & Citrus (with aloe), Almonds w/ honey, Spearmint & eucalyptus, Cinnamon & Honey, Cedar and Sandalwood w/ Orange.

Goat’s Milk:
Fig w/ Brown Sugar, Plumeria, Milk & Honey w/ Oatmeal, Pear & Redwood, Grapefruit & Berries, Oranges & Spearmint

Cucumber 7 melons, Honeysuckle, Sweet Pea, Pear & Pomegranate

Head over to Facebook and like Start Fresh Soap Co.

Plus, one lucky winner will get 2 natural soaps and the Horizon eyeshadow  in the giveaway below!

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  1. I love a smokey eye, so any of their shadows is great!

  2. I like the TimeWise Night Restore & Recover Complex (normal/dry).
    Thank you!

  3. I like the Mary Kay® Eye Primer.

  4. my fave product is their lipstick!
    cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

  5. My favorite product is the eye makeup remover- I've used others and nothing is even close to as good! All Mary Kay products are amazing of course.

  6. I love, love, love the mascara!

    pjames330 at aol dot com

  7. The Timewise microdermabrasion set!

  8. I love these baked marble eye shadows. Im really into baked products right now.


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