Pacifica Sandalwood Perfume Review

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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One of my favorite scents in a perfume has always been the fragrant hint of sandalwood but it was not until recently that I actually began using a perfume that was actually Sandalwood!    Pacifica Beauty is a company that offers products to make you feel good about yourself but also embrace the environment and are very mindful about respecting it.  Their perfumes are made with natural pure grain alcohol, corn-sourced, and gluten free!   And they are also vegan friendly!!   They use components that are recyclable. And essential and natural oils work great on these products so you get a quality scent that lasts and you aren’t throwing money out the window on a wasted product!  Plus their boxes are recyclable as well!

I received the Sandalwood Perfume from Pacifica and it was truly luxurious! It has a warm woody scent but has a hint of sweetness from the tangerine, sweet orange, and mandarin.   It’s not overpowering but you can always detect it and it is one of those fragrances that lingers in JUST the right way! It’s also a great scent to mix with another perfume.  And I also noticed that it stayed on my skin even on hot days when I was beginning to perspire.  I absolutely love this perfume and a little goes a long way! 

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