The Armpocket Review

Friday, September 27, 2013

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The Armpocket is an amazing solution to every runner or outdoor enthusiast’s needs! They are made of water-resistant recycled plastic fabric and provide a barrier against water, sweat, dust, and dirt so that you can carry your necessities and electronics with you in a safe, clean way. There’s a touch-thru window so you can still access your touch screen device, whether it’s an MP3 player or your phone. You can securely connect your headphones to the audio ports so you can run with your favorite song in your ear! There are 3 interior pockets for things like a phone, iPod, keys, ID, Cash, tissues, etc! This is great for runners, joggers, hikers, and bikers! It’s also super easy to get through airport security because you can keep all your necessities in it and it easily can go through TSA! There are several different models, sizes, and colors to suit your individual needs and the amazing part is, this is such a comfortable accessory! It has memory foam padding and a mesh that prevents slipping even when you sweat! It’s so easy to get on and off and it won’t hurt your arm or squeeze it too tight because it’s easy to adjust!

I received an i-15 in light green from Armpocket! It fits my iPhone 5 perfectly as well as a key, credit card, ID card, and cash. I love the headphone outlet and it is so comfortable to wear! It’s not bulky at all and it is so convenient to touch my phone screen through it!! I love that it’s made of eco-friendly materials and I can’t believe how water proof it is! This has motivated me to start running again because I actually have a convenient way to carry my iPhone now and I don’t have to stick it in my pants and stick a key in my sports bra! Everyone that runs or jogs should have this!!  photo Newsig_zps7e5a1ccf.png

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  1. I've been looking for something similar to hold my iphone in when I'm working out but have never been sure what to spend my money on. Do they have this model in plain black? The color you have is a little too bright for me, hahha!


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