How I Stay Clean and Feeling Great

Monday, September 2, 2013

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I have a really busy life but I always make sure that I feel good about myself and I keep everything around me clean and organized.  Here are some ways I do that:

I carry a handbag that fits all of my stuff.

Always look for a bag big enough to carry your daily necessities.  The Floto Casiana Mini Bag from Silvia’s Handbags is perfectly sized to not weigh you down, but to ensure you can always carry your must haves with you! Plus, it looks gorgeous!

Always keep your feet fresh

Nothing is worse than smelly feet (and shoes) so make sure you invest in a variety of shoe lines from SummerSox!   You can wash them and reuse them and place them in different shoes so that they absorb the bacteria and smell so your feet don’t! Now that I have some, I can never go without them!

I Keep my Car clean

I love my car and I take care of it as best I can but I hate when I get into a friends car and it’s grungy and dirty, especially when I’m dressed up for a night out!  So make sure you vaccum your car on a monthly basis (at least!) and also invest in some quality custom floor mats like those from!  it’s easy to clean them, and if you’ve owned your car a while like I have, it’s probably time for some new floor mats anyways!

A Seamless Tube Bra is a MUST HAVE

If you have a Seamless Tube Bra from Wink Shapewear, you can always wear it under any shirt you may have that is too gappy and shows too much skin around your chest area. I can not tell you how many times I’ve been unable to wear a shirt in the past because of the way it hangs on my frame!

A Cute Cellphone case

Not only do I always have my expensive phone protected, but it looks adorable when I am on it!

A cute phone case like the ones from The Trendy Boutique can be customized with your name and initials and come in so many bright fun patterns and prints!

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