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Friday, September 13, 2013

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Let me tell you about the funniest thing that happens to me on a weekly basis.   I’ll get all dressed up for some outfit photos for my blog, and head outside to take photos in the beautiful scenery.   As I start walking in the grass my stiletto style heels dig into the ground and sometimes I either walk out of my shoe, or I literally am stuck in the ground!   It’s quite comical but it’s also frustrating and I don’t really enjoy getting my shoes dirty.   Even posing for pictures with girlfriends can be a problem because I can’t stand in the grass for more than a second!

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I have been waiting for a solution for this little issue and now I found one thanks to Heels Above!  Heels Above is a stylish little tool that protects and stabilizes your high heeled shoes so you don’t sink into surfaces like grates, grass, and cracks that can damage your shoe and slow you down or even injure you! It’s great for outdoor situations like weddings, picnics, and photo sessions. 

They are made of small flexible pieces of recyclable plastic that attach very easily to your heels.   You can slip them on and off and get them in different sizes.   They won’t damage your heel and they can be carried around in your purse!   Seriously, why would you NOT like this soluteion? 

I received samples of the Standard Heels Above which came with 2 sizes (small and medium) and a sample of the Stiletto sizes.  It comes with 2 pairs (an XS and a Super Skinny).   And they come with little white satin pouches to keep the heel protectors in so you can carry them around in your handbag.

I love these things! First of all, they go undetected by friends and family so I never had to worry about my outfit looking strange.  I can’t believe how well they worked.  For the first time, I didn’t have to worry about watching where I step on the street or even in the grass.

I can’t believe I went this long without these, and as a fashion fix addict, these are a must have for every girl that has even just one pair of high heels!!!!

And one lucky winner will receive Heel protectors of their own!

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  1. I love that it helps prevent sinking into the grass/mud....I HATE when that happens!

  2. My favorite benefit is that they save heels from sinking into grass, mud, cracks and grates. Perfect for using at summer weddings.

  3. love that you can carry these in your purse. its good to know there are companies out there who think about these things.


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