4 Sought After Qualities in a Woman (from actual men!)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

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That's right... I already asked guys about relationship pet peeves and women about their pet peeves with men. Now, it's time to find out what men and women love most in the opposite sex.   I asked guys I know to give me their top qualities! 

It makes them feel wanted **Cough cough see previous post of what it does for women!** and it lets them know that you find them attractive and enjoy showing it, whether you are alone or around other people.

How you can do this more:
If you are out in public at a dinner with friends, put your hand on his leg and rub it for a second.  Men respond to touch mentally without even knowing it and it can boost their mood and make them more likely to give a positive response to a situation.  Next time he's grooming himself, come up to him and tell him how handsome he is and peck him on the cheek!!  
No guy likes a girl that's insanely jealous of everyone in your life.   Yes, there are girls out there that will be jealous that you are hanging out with your mom, because you aren't hanging out with her!   And when a girl is insecure that's the worst because all it does is make it look like YOU aren't worth being with and you're even telling him that.

How you can do this more:
Stop complaining about stupid things in front of him (weight, hair , boob size, who is prettier than you).   Next time you go to complain when he tells you he ran out for drinks with the guys, stop, take a deep breath and respond with "Miss ya lots but I'm glad you're having a great time with your boys!"
It shows you accept him and everything in his life. even if his friends aren't ideal boyfriend material for you, that doesn't meant they aren't good friend material for him.  Plus, if you get along with his guys, and show a genuine interest in getting to know them, they'll always be on your side and want him to bring you along to things.
How you can do this more: 
Next time you're alone with your guy and he brings up something involving a friend of his, say something positive about them like "Michael is always so funny, we should get drinks with him sometime and see how he sparks up conversations with women at the bar."    Look for the good in all of his friends.  Everyone has flaws, you don't have to point them out to him.  That's what girlfriends are for anyways, VENTING!
It's a huge disappointment and it shows people not to trust people they meet in the beginning, when you make yourself out to be something you aren't.   If you don't like to cook, don't say you do just to impress him and don't make an effort to cook in the beginning if you plan to stop in the near future.   If you don't LOOOOOVE dogs, don't say you do.  Let him know up front you're not a big animal person yourself but you do like other people's dogs.   Guys brag about us to their friends and family, and it's super embarrassing when they originally say "She's so great she loves going to basketball games." and then 2 months later they have to say "Oh, yea, sorry Sharon didn't come with me, I guess she doesn't like games after all."  
How you do this more:
Remember remember remember all your life,   if someone doesn't like you for you, WALK AWAY.  I don't care how dreamy a guy seems, it is NOT worth it in the end (I promise you) to try to mold yourself in his eyes to what he wants in a girl, if you aren't that person.  In the end, you yourself won't even be happy. Be real and be honest.   Also, you can be optimistic about a situation too.  Like saying "I haven't really attended or watched many basketball games before but I would definitely like to check one out !"   

Come back next week and see the final part of my little series.... the 4 most sought after qualities in a man! 
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  1. this was such a great read! i think some of these qualities are things that women look for too <3



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